Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!


Sell at the BIGGEST SALE in the Twin Cities!

ANYONE can join us as a Consignor (seller)!
You set your own prices, tag your items using our barcoding site and earn 60-70%! 
Benefits of Consigning with JBF:

  • Clean your closets & put cash in your pocket! Average consignor checks are over $300, some eager beavers earn $1000+!
  • YOU set your own prices and earn 60% on your sales
  • There is a $12 Consignor fee to participate, that helps offset the cost of organizing the event. After you register, you will receive a link to purchase your "Consignor Ticket" that will reserve your spot and to choose your dropoff time!
  • Join our team and give 4 hours of your time towards helping out at the sale & we reward you with an EXTRA 10% on your sales!
  • Consignors and Team Members get to shop before the public to find the best deals FIRST! The more you can help out, the earlier you can shop!
  • There is a presale before opening day AND a presale for half-price bargains before the public shopping.
  • Free barcoding website! This gives you a fast & convenient way to price your items and you can track sales online during the event.
  • We bring in thousands of shoppers and sell your items for you...sweet! Average attendance at a Maple Grove sale is OVER 5000 shoppers in 5 days!
  • Maple Grove JBF supports local charities! If you choose to donate your unsold items they go directly to needy families through C.R.O.S.S., and several smaller charities.  If you choose not to donate, all your items will be sorted and ready for an easy pick up.
  • NEW for spring: If you tag ALL your items to donate AND reduce, then we'll WAIVE the $12 Consignor fee! (Must bring at least 75 items to qualify).

Sound good? Join our mailing list today! Registration to participate will open once dates are annuounced!

New to selling with JBF? Let a veteran consignor share tips & advice to begin tagging with confidence!

What You'll Learn:

  • How to tag your items 
  • What supplies should I buy?
  • How to hang clothing sets
  • Demo of tagging site
  • Plan your shopping strategy
  • Ask away any questions!

Date: Sun. July 20th
Time: 5pm-7pm
Place: Coon Rapids Davanni's
3430 129th Ave NW, Coon Rapids
Cost: FREE! (But plan to purchase a drink or appetizer since we're enting their room!)

Hope you can join us!!!



Buy your Consignor Ticket

To facilitate a smooth dropoff, we now use EVENTBRITE to PREPAY THE CONSIGNOR FEE and SCHEDULE ALL DROPOFFS!
FIRST: Log into your JBF account and check the box to Register as a Consignor. (Registration will open once dates are announced)
SECOND: CLICK HERE to go to EVENTBRITE and buy your Consignor Ticket.  You will be asked to prepay your $12 Consignor Fee with a credit card as well as choose your dropoff time.
***Pre-purchasing this Consignor Ticket will secure your consignor spot for the upcoming sale. Your Consignor fee is Non-Refundable should your plans change. You WILL be able to log back into your Eventbrite account to change the dropoff time if necessary.
*If you have a coupon from a previous sale that waives the consignor fee, please go ahead and register and pay online, then bring that coupon to dropoff and we will add the consignor fee back onto your check. 

We Reward Great Consignors!

Spend a little extra time prepping your items and we'll reward you for being thorough!

Perfection Inspection Policy
If you have LESS THAN 3 items pulled during dropoff OR during the sale, you may be added to our "Perfect Consignor" list! This list allows you to BYPASS INSPECTION at the next sale!

Additional Criteria Considered:
*Must have consigned with us 2 times prior
*Must bring at least 100 items and a mixture of clothes/non-clothing items
*Must arrive with everything tagged correctly
*Must sell at least 50% of your inventory so we know you price right
*This list will be updated after each sale and is at the discretion of the sale owners.
*Once on the list, you will remain on the list unless we have a reason (above) to ask you to go through inspection again.
*We send out an email prior to the sale letting you know you are on the list or check our list HERE!
*This same list is good at the Maple Grove, Coon Rapids & Eagan JBF sales that we run. Other JBF sales may have their own list, but you must make OUR list to qualify at these sales.

Please use eventbrite to pay the consignor fee AND CHOOSE A DROPOFF TIME even though you will not need to go through inspection. This ensures that we will have adequate racks available for you. You can register for a time on EITHER dropoff day, regardless of how many items you are bringing.

At dropoff you do NOT need to wait in the computer check in line, just bypass that line and come inside and look for the red "Perfect Consignor Check-In" table. Follow all directions on the red sign and we will check you in on the computer at the end of the night.


Refer a Friend! Request postcards and you and your friend might BOTH WIN a $25 gift certificate!

Tagging Links

Purchase a Tagging Gun Kit:

Tagging guns help to make tagging your clothes go much faster! Purchase a tagging gun & supplies through our ebay store.

Please Note!!!
When using a tagging gun, tag ONLY through the SEAM of the clothing or through the clothing size tag, so you don't put a hole in clothes! Items with holes from tagging barbs will be rejected at dropoff if not tagged properly. To ensure tags stay put, some consignors put a small piece of scotch tape over the tag/barb area.

Registering is now a 2 Step Process:
1-Register as a Consignor in your JBF Profile
2-Purchase a Consignor Ticket through Eventbrite to PREPAY your Consignor fee AND CHOOSE your dropoff time

Spring Dropoff Dates
Tuesday, TBA2-7:30pm
Schedule your dropoff Tuesday for those with OVER 200 items OR those on our Perfect Consignor List
*Bringing OVER 300 items you must also register for a sorting shift or be charged a $20 sorting fee

Wednesday, TBA, 10am-8pm
Schedule your dropoff today for those bringing UNDER 200 items OR those on our Perfect Consignor List

Second Dropoff: Fri., TBA, 6-8pm
The second dropoff is for pre-registered consignors only, and we will accept BOTH clothing and non-clothing items. Tags for this dropoff can be entered up until you come on Friday night and you do NOT need to shedule a dropoff time.

Pick up for all Consignors:
Pickup is Thurs. TBA from 2-7pm
*All items not picked up by 7:01pm will be immediately donated to our charity and a tax receipt issued. Sorry, no exceptions!

In a nutshell- you gather your items then pay a per-item fee for us to tag your items for you and you still earn the full 60-70% on your sales!
 VALET TAGGING DETAILS & Registration Info