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How to SELL your STUFF!


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Collect, Prep, and Tag


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Why Sell with Maple Grove JBF?

Consignors earn an average of $350 per sale and you can, too!

• Set your own prices with our online tagging site.
• Earn 60% on sold items, or help out & earn 70%!
• The consignor fee is prepaid when you buy your consignor ticket.
• SHOP before the public! See the Early Shopping page.

BONUS! Tag everything to both REDUCE & DONATE and we'll REFUND your consignor fee!

*Print your CONSIGNOR GUIDE for all the details

*Print your TAGGING GUIDE and get started!

No time to tag? Use our VALET TAGGING SERVICE.

Register to Consign



Get Involved

Our JBF Team is 250+ members strong and we want YOU to join us!
It's fun AND there are lots of great "perks" for being a part of the Team:

• Earn an EXTRA 10% on your sold items!
• Shop EARLY at the Presale
• Shop EARLY at the Half-Price Presale
• Get a cool T-shirt & make new friends!

Our team helps out during all areas of the sale including set up, drop off, organizing, scanning & bagging merchandise and tear down. Choose a time and shift that works for you and we'll give you any needed training when you arrive. The more you help the EARLIER you shop- see Early Shopping page for presale times.

Use the red LOGIN button to the right! Just check the TEAM MEMBER box for our sale and it opens the online scheduler to choose your time!
*The online scheduler closes Sunday, September 20th at 10pm!

Note! You must be a Consignor to register as a Team Member. Haven't consigned before? It's a great time to start!



Mon. Sept. 21 | 2pm-8pm for OVER 300 items
Tues. Sept. 22 | 10am-8pm for 1-299 items

• Schedule dropoff when you buy a Consignor Ticket
• Perfect Consignors can come either day (but please DO schedule a time)

Now for the fun part...getting all of this stuff out of your house!  Find out how dropoff works in our dropoff guide!

2nd dropoff: Thurs. Sept. 24 |  7pm-8pm
The 2nd dropoff is for everything EXCEPT hanging clothing. No appointment needed and you can be these items right up until you come!


Tuesday, Sept. 29  |  3pm-7pm

You have a choice!
You may donate your unsold items to our charity partner, C.R.O.S.S. OR pick up your unsold items. If you donate items, you will be helping our local community + receive a donation slip for tax purposes with your check.

Pick up is totally painless  and you can be in and out in 10-15 minutes as all items are sorted for you (how cool is that?)  

• If you are unable to pick up, a friend/family member can do so.  All items not picked up by 7:01pm will be donated, sorry no exceptions. 

• Any items that were pulled from the sales floor during the event (stained, broken, recalled) will be organized on tables to look over and collect as a part of the pickup steps. 


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Gather Your Supplies:

Create a "tagging bin" to keep all your supplies handy in one spot. Once you've gathered your suppies, you'll be ready to prep and tag your items!

Here's what you'll need:

  • WHITE cardstock  (65lb. paper)
  • 1 1/2” & 2” safety pins 
  • Child size all plastic hangers (for sizes Newborn-6x)
  • Full size all plastic hangers (for sizes 7 & up)
  • Gallon & quart size ziploc bags
  • Clear packaging tape
  • Scotch tape for books
  • Scissors
  • Curling Ribbon or string or zipties
  • Computer and printer 

Optional supplies, but well worth the time:

  • Tagging gun/barbs for tagging clothing
  • Magic sponge or Norwex cloth 
    (for cleaning toys & shoes)
  • Tide bleach pen for stains
  • Downy wrinkle releaser (the “little miracle spray!”)
  • Febreeze for smoke/pet odors

We sell the following supplies for your convencince:

  • 200 Large 2” pins for $4/bag
  • Tagging gun kit for $20
  • 1,000 replacement barbs/$4

Buy pins, tagging kit or barbs at any sale or email jackiewamhoff@jbfsale.com to purchase.

Pricing Sweet Spot

Price your items 1/4–1/3 of original price to hit the “sweet spot” and sell MORE of your items! For high end or brand new items you may go up to 1/2, but nothing should be priced over half of retail.

TIP! We suggest you DO allow your items to reduce!  You will sell MORE items at full price if you tag to let them reduce. What doesn’t sell at full price has 2x more chance of selling on half price day, and you'll have money in your pocket instead of items to take home again :)

BONUS: If you tag EVERYTHING you bring to BOTH REDUCE AND DONATE, we’ll waive your consignor fee! There’s a question on the consignor waiver that lets us know you tagged this way to get the fee paid added to your check. Sweet!

There is a $3 minimum price for all hanging clothing items. If an item is not worth that on its own, make a set of same-sized items and list all items on the tag. 

Tagging Your CLOTHING

Sizes We Accept:

  • Newborn-kids size 14/16 
  • Maternity (bring your best 25 items)
  • Sorry, NO Junior sizes accepted


General Clothing Guidelines:

  • Put your item on the hanger so the hook faces LEFT and looks like a Question mark (?)
  • Attach tag with safety pin to the upper right corner of item.
  • Hang sizes 0-6x on CHILD SIZE plastic hangers and sizes 7 and up on REGULAR size plastic hangers.
  • If you use a tagging gun, insert the barb through a clothing label or inside seam and NOT through the upper right of the clothing (to avoid making a hole in the clothing). We CAN'T accept clothing with holes from barbs!
  • We pride ourselves in being picky about stains so if you can SEE a stain, DON’T bring it!
  • If you make sets, the items you pair together must be the SAME SIZE! 
  • When you’re tagging, group your items by size and it will be faster for you at dropoff!
  • There is a $3 minimum for hanging clothing per item or set

HOW to Hang clothing:

Hanging Pants:
Pin the pants to the TOP ANGLED PART of the hanger, NOT the bottom straight edge. This prevents them from sliding to the side of the hanger during shopping. You'll need LARGE 2” safety pins to attach pants (& save your fingers!)

Shirt & shirt set:
Hang the first shirt, then safety pin the second shirt to the back side, going through the shirt PLUS the top angled part of the hanger so it doesn’t pull on the main shirt.

Shirt & Pants/shorts set:
Hang the shirt first. Pin the pants to the back side, pinning through the shirt PLUS the top angled part of the hanger so it doesn’t pull on the shirt and both pieces can be viewed without unpinning them. Don’t hang pants from the bottom of the shirt or it will stretch the shirt.

Pants & Pants set:
Hold the pants back to back and slip the hanger in between. With a LARGE safety pin, pin through both pairs of pants and through the top angled part of the hanger (not on bottom straight edge or it slides to the side).

Multiple onesies set:
You can pair up to 5 onesies for a set. Hang one of the onesies on a child size hanger. Arrange the other pieces in a pile and use a LARGE safety pin to pin them to the back of the hanging onesie, going through the item PLUS the top angled part of the hanger. Shoppers can easily "flip" through them to inspect for stains versus them being stuck in a ziploc bag.
NOTE! Don’t use tagging barbs to attach your sets together as that will cause holes!

Clothing Accessories
Clothing accessories are items like socks, tights, hats etc. You can put multiple items in one ziploc bag, but make sure they are all the SAME SIZE! Tape tag onto the outside of the ziploc bag, being careful not to tape over the barcode.  (Hang sleep sacks and onesies like regular clothes).


Shoes must be in LIKE NEW condition with NO scuffed toes, dirty footbeds or dirty leather. We are VERY picky on shoes so bring your best!

  • See “what we accept” for seasonal shoe guidelines.
  • Cleaning with a “magic eraser” or cloth and Norwex cleaning paste works great for scuffs and getting white shoes looking white again
  • Crocs can go right in the dishwasher!

Tagging your Shoes:

  • Attach shoes together in some way: you can use string, ribbon or zip-ties for this.  If there are NO holes to go through then use a rubber band.
  • Please DON’T put shoes in ziploc bags or shoe boxes, as shoppers like to look at them & they don’t stay that way for long! 
  •  Pin tag through a "hole" or you can hole-punch the JBF tag and tie on too! 


We accept kids books only! 
This means only books meant for KIDS to read or to be read, not books for a parent to learn from or teach from. 
Limit of 1,000 books per consignor

Categories you will find at the sale for books: Board books, picture books, easy readers, early chapter books, chapter books, non-fiction.

Books must be in great condition with no worn covers, write ins or discarded libraby books. Seasonal books at appropriate sale times only (Valentine and Easter at spring sales, Halloween and Christmas at fall and winter sales). 
See What We Accept for full book guidelines.

How to tag books:
Use scotch tape to tape the tag onto the back of the book. If you can cover the barcode with the tag that is best! Books typically sell best when tagged individually rather than a set, but the choice is up to you.

Drop zones for books will include a table for BOARD books, PICTURE books and CHAPTER books. Organize them this way in your tubs for a speedy drop-off!


Games & Puzzles

Count to make sure you have ALL pieces included and tape games & puzzles shut in ORIGINAL boxes. Must include working batteries if needed. Tape the tag onto back of game/puzzles.
***Please take EXTRA CARE to ensure you have all pieces included so shoppers are happy, especially at holiday gift giving time!

Tagging TIPS!

  • For board puzzles, FULLY wrap puzzles in saran wrap and tape to secure.
  • It's best to DO all puzzles yourself, as sometimes the number of pieces listed on the box is less!
  • No puzzles or games are accepted in baggies, please use original boxes.

Baby Equipment & Items

Baby items are great sellers! Here's a few tagging tips to help your items sell their best!

*All baby gear needs to be MFG WITHIN 10 YEARS to sell at JBF. Check the mfg date usually found on bottom of the item. See additional guidelines for cribs & car seats below. 

Diaper bags, snugglis, slings, car seat covers:
These items should be zip tied to a large hanger for security and so they can hang on a rack. We have zip ties at drop-off if you need one. Make sure to wipe down and wash as needed!

Strollers, high chairs, car seats:
It's important to CLEAN THESE ITEMS! The fabric pads should be removed from ALL baby equipment and put in your washing machine so they're clean.  All these items use the yellow claim ticket so bring tags unattached. (See Tagging Large Items.)

You can put multiple bottles in a ziploc bag and tape shut.

See What We Accept for full bedding guidelines.

The only blankets we accept are receiving blankets, meaning small receiving or swaddling type blankets, plus gauze-type blankets. NO fleece or crocheted/ quilted blankets accepted and no crib beddings sets. 

To package receiving blankets: You can put in ziploc bag OR use curling ribbon to “tie” the folded blanket like a present. Don’t tape bag shut so it can be inspected for stains.

Bibs sell best when shoppers can inspect them to see there are no stains. We try to hang bibs so they sell best and will have clips to use at dropoff for this.  If you are selling multiple bibs at once, pin them together but DON'T use a ziploc bag so shoppers can flip through them. 

Car seats & cribs
Car seats must be LESS THAN 5 years old to be sold, pass our car seat inspection and not be recalled. Cribs must be stationary sided and be manufactured June 2011 or newer. See our Safety Page for more details and to check if you can bring yours!


Tagging Large Items Using a Tagging Gun

Bring tags for any large items UNATTACHED--at drop-off you’ll receive yellow claim tickets to use for tagging these items.

How it works: During the inspection step of drop-off, you’ll staple the barcoded tag to our yellow claim ticket. We’ll scan the barcode and print a sticker with information that goes on the top consignor section. We’ll help you attach this claim ticket to the actual item before it goes out on the floor. 

What items will use these tickets?
These claim tickets are used for all items too large to be put in an Ikea bag and carried around. Ex: furniture, baby equipment, strollers, kitchens & work benches, big outdoor toys, bikes.

At the sale, the buyer will write their name on the top of the tag and tear off the bottom price tag half. Once torn off, the item is considered SOLD. 

Not sure if it needs a yellow tag? Bring it unattached and ask at drop-off.

Using a Tagging Gun Correctly

If you've got LOTS of clothing to tag, a tagging gun can really speed things up! It's VERY important you use a tagging gun correctly though. We CAN'T accept clothing with holes made from barbs!

To use a tagging gun: Insert the barb through a clothing size label or through an inside seam allowance and NOT through the upper right of the clothing as you normally would with a safety pin.
(Tagging this way will avoid making a hole in the clothing. A safety pin pokes two holes so it distributes the weight evenly unlike a tagging barb that makes only one hole and can rub and leave a hole in the fabric if used inproperly.)  

Looking to order a tagging gun kit? 
Buy at any of our sales--just ask us at the register!


Facebook Groups & Parties

Join our SAVVY SELLERS Facebook Group!
Its a special consignors-only facebook group to stay connected, get educated, ask your questions, win prizes and MORE!
JBF Maple Grove & Coon Rapids Savvy Sellers

It's a FACEBOOK PJ Party!
Put the kids to bed, grab your drink of choice and snuggle in with your computer, tablet or phone to learn all about consigning with JBF! 

Check the "EVENTS" tab on our Facebook Page for upcoming online parties

Want to watch on your own schedule? Sure thing!
Go to our facebook page and choose events, then scroll down to past events and you can scroll through party posts at your leisure!

Giving Back! #Beablessing

The items you donate to our charity partners are a HUGE blessing and are often used immediately right here in our community! 

All items for the Maple Grove sale are donated to C.R.O.S.S., a christian-based non-profit organization serving families and meeting needs in our local community. Find out MORE about CROSS HERE!

Two ways to donate your items
1: Mark to donate: In the tagging site, you can either mark individual tags to get donated if they don't sell, or you can PRESET your account to donate all items you tag that don't sell. You would preset this in your tagging PROFILE. 

2. If you don't show for pickup at the end of the sale, then your items are automatically donated whether you marked tags as donate or not. Sorry, no exceptions. 

You'll be able to print off a donation receipt along with your check if you donated.  If you'd like an itemized receipt, you can sort your items and print one from the tagging site!

Want Us to Refund Your Consignor Fee?

If you mark ALL the items you bring to BOTH REDUCE & DONATEwe'll refund the Consignor fee to say "thank you" for giving back!

There's a question on the consignor waiver at dropoff that lets us know you tagged this way, and remember it must be EVERYTHING you bring. The feepaid will be added back onto your check.



No Time? Use Valet Tagging!

No time to tag? Let us do the work with our VALET TAGGING SERVICE! 

How it works:

Contact one of our valet taggers and drop off your items to be tagged. They prep and tag your items and you pay them a per-item fee for the service. After they're done, you reconnect to get your items and you're all set for dropoff. You earn the SAME amount as traditional consignors, without the tagging hassle!

Limited spots available--contact a valet tagger today!


Perfect Consignors

We Reward Great Consignors! Spend a little extra time being thorough and bring only your BEST, and we'll reward you with a speedy dropoff!
Check our Perfect Consignor List HERE!

Perfection Inspection Policy:
If you have LESS THAN 3 items pulled during dropoff OR during the sale, you may be added to our "Perfect Consignor" list IF you also meet the following: 
Additional Criteria Considered:
*Must have consigned with us 2 times prior
*Must bring at least 100 items and a mixture of clothes/non-clothing items
*Must arrive with everything tagged correctly
*Must sell at least 50% of your inventory so we know you price right
*This list is updated after each sale and is at the discretion of the sale owners.
*Once on the list, you will remain on the list unless we have a reason (above) to ask you to go through inspection again.

This list is good at the Maple Grove & Coon Rapids sales. Other JBF sales may have their own list, but you must make OUR list to qualify at these sales.

Please use Eventbrite to prepay the consignor fee AND CHOOSE A DROPOFF TIME even though you will not need to go through inspection. This ensures we have adequate racks available for you. You can register for a time on EITHER dropoff day. 

At dropoff come inside and look for the "Perfect Consignor Check-In" table and follow all directions on the red sign to complete your check in.


Refer-a-Friend and earn JBF bucks!

Word of mouth is our BEST advertising for sharing the sale. Use this coupon to encourage your friends to sell at the next sale and we'll give you $10 JBF bucks to spend. Now that's what we call a REWARDING friendship!

How it works:
1- Print this New Consignor Coupon, put your name on it and give to a friend who's a first time consignor.
2- They bring the coupon when they dropoff their items and we'll give them $10 JBF bucks on the spot to use at the sale!
3- We'll keep the coupon at the register that has your referral name on it. When you come to shop, just ask us at the register and we'll give YOU $10 JBF bucks too!

*Must be NEW 1st time consignor at this sale and bring minimum 75 items to qualify.




Jackie Wamhoff, Sale Coordinator

Call/Text: 612-314-5238 (612-314-JBF8)

Smart Shoppers Facebook Group

Savvy Sellers Facebook Group

Raising a family is expensive! Kids grow so quickly, while most budgets don't. As a mom, I get it!

JBF Maple Grove/Brooklyn Park helps you find the items your kiddos need in the brands you want...all at hugely discounted prices!

At our JBF sale, local families can buy new and gently used kids items, and also sell their outgrown things. Families across the metro love JBF, and I can't wait for you to experience it, too!